• ​​100% New Zealand Kiko Meat Goat breeding program introducing New Zealands with excellent breeding standards.
  • We breed and sell New Zealands and Purebreds from our farm and at sales across the United States.  
  • Every Kiko is Parent Verified and Registered with the National Kiko Registry & several bucks and does can be registered with NKR, IKGA & AKGA.
  • We are proud of the Kikos we raise here on the farm.  
  • We cull hard to keep the quality traits. 
  • We strive to have repeat business building great relationships with  individuals, farms, ranches and friends we meet.  


Goat Stickers For Sale

We sell Great Pyrennes Large Guardian Dogs

Currently in our area our dogs are guarding against bear & coyotes.  

No Dogs available at this time


Lyla & Kujo

$5.00 includes Shipping

We have 

got goats?

Love Goats will be back in stock soon

Happy Animals are Tails Up Animals!

Proud Members of the 

  • National Kiko Registry
  • Southeast Kiko Goat Association
  • ​International Kiko Goat
  • Association​
  • American Kiko Goat Association